Friday, October 5, 2012

Painting Graphic Designs Part 2: A Painted Guitar

Part 2 of this trend of painting objects I never considered painting,
was a Guitar. 
Yes, a Guitar.
An actual musical instrument.
Not the painted Piano that's made me
A) want to buy a piano 
B) paint want to paint a piano
A guitar is one of those rare things I had never dreamed of applying paint to.
So of course I said YES I'll paint the guitar.
And then the guitar was dropped off. 
AND I got a little scared.
When I was told "acoustic guitar" I imagined wood.
Not black, shiny surface guitar.
I had to take a bunch of deep breaths before deciding where to begin.
I reached for the fabulous, green frog tape.
And covered that puppy up!
On the BACK side first.
Just in case this went horribly, horribly wrong.
And I had to repaint it black (somehow).
I decided the back side was the best side to experiment with!
So after I sketched a design on the green tape.
I started "operating" on it.
I trimmed away the green tape to reveal my swirling paisleys.
Then I used a tiny piece of sandpaper to rough up the surface of the guitar.
Sanding had to be done very gently. 
Otherwise you would sand up the tape!
After sanding, I covered all the remaining surfaces (to avoid overspray)
Trash bagged the neck.
And said a quick please let this work prayer.
I first primed.
THEN came the multiple coats of bright red.
After minimal dry time (to avoid peeling paint) I started uncovering the guitar.
Removing tape was MESSY.
Red, sticky fingers, dangerous wet tape.
Not such an easy process.
slowly I found the pattern.
And it looked GREAT!
time for the flip side!!
Same process.....
1.  Cover
2. Sketch

3. Trim
4. Sand and cover
5. Spray Prime
6. Spray Prime your leg
OK, you can skip step 6.  :)
7. Paint & Peel
8. Admire....
I'm sure you've noticed that this guitar has a name.
Here's the scoop on "Cash".
Cash, after Johnny, of course!
Actually belongs to a 16 year old, guitar playing girl.
Cash was her first guitar.
Her mom snuck Cash away for me to paint.
As a 16th Birthday surprise.
On a tight time frame (one week)!!
Painting Cash took a lot of time.
And was quite nerve racking!
I had visions of a really angry 16 year old HATING painted Cash.
Relief came after the birthday surprise,
Cash's makeover was LOVED.
Soon he'll be hanging proudly on the wall! 
So what's the most unique thing/surface you guys have painted??
Have I ever mentioned to anyone that I've also painted cars. 
Yes, carS
A truck and a Karmann Ghia.
Yep, I'm THAT crazy...

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