Monday, October 15, 2012

Creamy Distressed China Cabinet

A couple of months ago when I returned Mrs R's
I came home with another project for her.
She had been given this well used China Cabinet,
who was in desparate need of a makeover!
This guy had potential.
But was living in a era of bad scroll-y hardware and medium oak finish.
Mrs. R requested the China Cabinet go Creamy
to match her newly painted buffet.
And she wanted the glass removed and chicken wire installed.
Easy Peasy.
(But I didn't have a CLUE about chicken wire!)
So I started with removing the glass from the doors.
'Cause I know demo!
First, I removed the door from the cabinet.
Then I started prying the inside trim piece off with a screw driver.
Then I grabbed the most handy of staple removing tools
 (no idea what its called!)
And after I pulled all the staples I removed the glass.
Side note: I still don't know what to DO with the glass...
Anyone have any ideas for 2 curved glass panels?!?!
Once the doors were glass free, I started priming & painting.
Ahhhhh... this Oak-y China Cabinet looked a TON better!
Now look closely,
The foot areas on the cabinet had strange, recessed circles.
They didn't match the other lines on the cabinet.
They didn't improve the look of the cabinet.
They were just not good, or necessary.

So I erased them. With wood fill.
Much better!
Once painted all the details looked a TON better!
Unfortunately, I erased the distressing/glazing pictures.
(Head Palm Moment!!!)
So on to the "How to Install Chicken Wire"pictures.
Wander around your local Farm & Home store until you find a roll of this:
Silly me Chicken Wire has an official name.
"Hex Netting"
Who knew??
Unroll it carefuly.
I repeat, carefully!!
This stuff is SHARP.
A smart person would wear gloves.
I'm not smart.
Trim the razor sharp wire down to roughly the right size.

This tool is really all that worked for trimming.
Utility scissors did not.

Once trimmed, cram that wire into the slot where the glass once lived.

You will have to trim and cram.
Trim and cram.
And slice your fingers a few times to get it all done.

And you will have to of course do both doors.

Eventually you will succeed.
(I also used the staple gun to tack in the wire.)
YEA she's ready for hardware! 
This is an important OOOPS picture.
It will forever remind me why
you should NOT drill holes
on doors until you reinstall the door.
SOMETIMES they hang funny.
And so even though you found the MIDDLE on BOTH doors
The middle is really not THE middle for BOTH doors.
Once this China Cabinet was
Distressed, Glazed, Wired...

She was pretty much unrecognizeable, which was a good thing!
Inside & Out this Creamy Distressed China Cabinet had a fresh new look!

O and did I mention I painted the back??
Yea, its a problem I have.
If I think furniture has the potential to be used somewhere, someday
where the back might be visible.
I paint it too...

For the curious, nope this is not DIY chalk paint.
This is good old latex & elbow grease.

Each little bit of distress was sanded off by me.

Its how I get my arm work out!
I love the feet without the circles!

I love the dentil molding now.
But I never love to paint it!  :)

I wonder if this China Cabinet's previous owners
would even recognize her at Mr & Mrs's R's house now?!?
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  1. Turned out cute! Gotta watch that chicken wire, it can wreak havoc on your arms!! I'm your newest follower, would luv for you to visit my little page. Luve your things!

    1. Thanks Debbie! Glad you stopped by. Thanks for following my crazy painting adventures! :)

  2. Use the glass you removed as a template to cut out the chicken wire to the right size/shape maybe?

    Lovely china cabinet.


    1. Ya know, that would have worked great!! Next time (if I ever tackle the chicken wire again) I will totally try that! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This hutch turned out beautiful! I have been telling my husband that I have been wanting to do a makeover on a china cabinet and replace the glass with chicken wire like this. But not sure he quite "gets" it. New follower from over at Catherine Elizabeth Creations. Saw your post on Stone Gables Tutorials Tips & Tidbits :)

    1. HA! Husbands never quite get it do they?!? Thanks for stopping by and following!!

  4. This is great! I have a hutch that I am going to redo after the baby is born and it has an ugly "greenish" glass in now that won't go at all with the paint I want for it. This chicken wire thing might be perfect for it! It's got a country look to it anyway :)

  5. beautiful job, meg! the chicken wire is perfect for this piece!

  6. Lovely!! I can tell that I will spend a looong time on this blog - next time I have a break. Wow.. some fabulous transformations!! My hubby (Lowes) gave me your card :) Pleased to meet ya!! -Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy! So glad you stopped by!! Your husband was very helpful in my search for vinyl flashing.... I'm on my way to your blog! Thanks for following my crazy adventures! :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! In the process of redoing a hutch myself and very nervous about tackling the chicken wire! Thanks for the pointers!

  8. Mrs. R's right when she suggested about the chicken wires. They looked perfect with your china cabinet. The good thing about that is it would allow the air to pass through. Most of the time, it is the reason for the early falling out of the cabinets.

  9. Very cute! What paint color(s?) did you use? And what did you seal or glaze it with after? This is the finish I've been looking for! Thanks!

  10. I have a piece that I would love to do like this. What is the paint color? Please share :)

  11. What paint color did you use? love it!


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