Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting Graphic Designs

Just when you think that you have mastered most of the
tricks of decorative painting
someone will throw you a curve ball. 
And ask you to paint something totally out of your element!
I've had this happen twice recently.
(You'll have to wait for #2!)
First up was a $5 table from Goodwill.
I was painting it for a friends daughter to use as her desk.
I waited for bedding selections to be made,
So I could come up with a design plan.
And then all the cutesy, fluffy girly stuff came to an end
When the daughter decided she wanted a EIU Panthers themed desk.....
Hmmmmmm said my brain.
(and yes, you could probably hear crickets)
It took awhile to come up with an idea.
And then it took awhile for me to get
the courage to paint something so graphic....
Here's how it went:
First I sanded, primed and painted the "desk" white.
And sketched my very first drawing of an EIU Panther.
Then I covered the areas UNDER my Panther lines with paint tape.
(Blue tape because I was out of my favorite green tape.)
Then I broke out the trusty exacto.  And started slicing!
I cut thru my sketch AND the tape.
**Side Note: I was totally attempting to imitate a technique I saw over
So when I peeled up the paper and the tape I was left with this....
(Is that the noise a Panther makes???)
I painted the inside Panther black.
And peeled the remaining tape off.
Hellooooo Panther!
Now the EIU logo is actually blue & black.
And the "Inspiration" Panther logo I was imitating
had a thin, blue pin-stripe alllll around the Panther.
Of course, my Panther needed one too!
So again, I broke out the paint tape.
And outlined my Panther.
** Side Note: I actually used some of my previously
"trimmed" off paint pieces to keep the outline perfect!
So don't just wad those trimmed pieces up!  They could come in handy!!
After round 2 of trimming and taping,
I had this...
I know, bad lighting.  You can barely see the blue outline. 
But I promise it's there!!
SO then I decided that was just not enough excitement on the desk.
I allllmost lettered "Panthers".
But that wasn't really a exciting design for this desk.
(In my opionion!)
I decided instead it needed some stripes to liven things up!
These are actually paint tape stripes.
They were helping me make the decision.
I sealed the paint tape to the desk with white.
And hellllo stripes!
Now here's where this "How-To" takes a wrong turn.
I decided that this desk needed a coat (or 3) of Shellac
so it had a super, durable finish.
I had NOOOOO idea that Shellac would make the bright white
Not a good yellowing.  More like a smoker-house table yellowing. 
(no pictures were taken of smoker yellow table)
Yes, I did proceed to stomp and pout.
And read the back of the can.....
"finish will have a slight golden tint".
My.  Bad.
This was not Shellac launching an attack on my table.
It was a complete oversight on my part.
But after a few days of being irritated.
I backtracked a bit with some Ebony glaze.
And I honestly can say, I like it better now!
The glaze added a lot of depth that the previous
white, black, blue did not have.

You can acgtually see the blue outline in this picture too!

So just in time for EIU sports to get kicked off,
this table goes home!
(hopefully to a cheering, EIU fan!)
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  1. Looks awesome! I'm sure it will become a treasure for the EIU fan it was made for!

    1. Thanks Jane! The little EIU fan and her Mom and pretty excited about it! ;)

  2. So cool! I can't believe you just made that whole graphic yourself with nothing but painters tape! Amazing. :)

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I actaully was a little surprised at how well it worked myself!!

  3. awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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