Monday, July 30, 2012

Curb-find Screen Door

One afternoon, right before school was out for the summer
I met some Mom friends & their kiddos at the park for a play date.

Not long after I left I started getting calls.  And texts.  And emails.
Everyone was worried I might not drive by the
Amazing doors piled up on a curb for the trash.

And they were right.
I totally drove home a different way and missed them!!

BUT since they were all super persistent I ran and I do mean RAN with my daughter to the car.
And off we went as fast as possible to rescue the doors.

Holy cow no one was exaggerating! 
They were amazing doors!!

And the real surprise was I had been helping a Client search
 high & low for "The door" for her office.

So "The door" with all its awesome beveled glass
quickly went to its new home.
(Of course, not quick enough for the Hubby to not question
giant doors were in the garage.)

Door #2, the gigantic screen door didn't have a home.
And it started taking up space in my garage.
(Hubby not so happy about that)

I had decided when I first picked it up
that it would make the perfect Chalkboard Door.

After he moved the screen door about 15 times I decided,
maybeeee it was time to paint it and find it a home!

Not. One. Single. "In progress" photo was taken.
(My Bad!!!)
Probably because the entire process took a few hours.

Step 1: remove screen
Step 2: cut, 1/4" plywood panel to fit in door "hole"
Step 3" paint both sides of panel "chalk board'
Now for the fun part, adding color.
Exact steps of course not documented.  And "fuzzy" from the heat.
I can tell you I didn't fill a single hole...

Or remove any "spare" hardware

I layered on watered down black over the original white paint first.

And then two shades of teal blue from the clearance paint at Lowe's.

It's a double sided chalk board, so I painted both sides of everything.

If it wasn't 85" tall and I didn't have a chalkboard pantry door....
it would be in my house!!

Because I LOVE how cute it is!!!

Who would throw that thing away??

PS Yes, I do drive by the same "spot" to look for more trash doors regularly!

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  1. oh i love it! love the color you used, too!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I'm not sure I'll ever fall out of love with shades of turquoise!

  2. Fantastic! You lucky girl, finding doors! Who does that?! What's the color of red on the planter pot. It looks like what you used on that big auction shelf unit too. It's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Ally! Exactly what I've been saying a lot lately... who throws THAT away??? :)

      Funny things about the red... as usual its some combination of "reds" I had in the garage. I do know that one of "the" reds used was Sherwin Williams "Bolero" because I also used it here:

      Now, since it was last summer when I painted the pots things get a little fuzzy on the process. No doubt I added black or brown to the reds. I also know for a fact that I put glaze on it to tone down the reds.... maybe just some watery black too. So exact color doesn't really exist. But if you'd like to drop by big MO with a fan deck to attempt to match a color I'm cool with that! ;)


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