Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello May!

WOW! It’s already Friday!
I’m gearing up for Couples Golf tonight and me and my hubs are SO excited!!
We haven’t golfed since last summer and of course an evening sans child sounds amazing.
Now, yes we did have an evening last weekend without the small ones but who’s counting? ;)

As usual, my week has been hectic!
But there was variety to the crazy-ness so that makes it fun. 

To recap my week, I took some senior pictures (no I'm not a photographer). 
I took some First Communion pictures & family pictures.
Again, I'm not a photographer, but I am a cheap hire. 

I’m still working on this.

But the little people seem to interrupt a lot! ;) 
Plus it's been COLD and RAINY and I decided I needed to fill the drawers AGAIN. 
So progress has been slow.... 

  I’ve rid my house of my cute bunny bunting inspired by Jenn at Clean & Scentsible,
You can read about it here
 I hung them on the doorways to the little peoples rooms and in the kitchen across the french doors.
They were a hit with the little people!

I redistributed my toilet paper roll "flowers" around the house. 

Some landed in these sunflower “centerpieces” I threw together for spring. 
I’m still loving them.  Especially with the added purple "flowers". 
So for now they are staying as we move from "spring" decorating into  “summer”!

They were easy to do,
I wrapped and tied twine around a glass vase that was filled with nuts (leftover from winter).
I stuck a fake flower “bouquet” inside (nuts are basically hidden but anchor "bouquet".
And ta-daaaa!  A centerpiece.  Quick, easy, totally painless decorating!

Since the husband is making me brunch on Sunday,
I did some prep work today for Mother’s Day to make things easier for him.
His mom and step dad are joining us for Brunch Sunday,
so I thought a little help would be appreciated.
I got to plan the menu so we’re having
my Blue Cheese & Bacon quiche and French Bread French Toast. YUMMY!!

Yesterday I scored some day old bread from Wally World. So I sliced it up.

And bagged it for the freezer! In case anyone out there didn’t know – bread freezes amazingly!! (At thanksgiving I stock up on herbed focaccia breads to use for my stuffing!)

This will make it easy for the other half to whip up some of this for me Sunday! 

And today I’m baking the bacon for the quiche. O ya you heard me correctly.
An awesome tip from Rachel Ray – bake the bacon!
About 25 minutes at 425.
Kitchen will smell like bacon but only the oven will have grease splatters!

Of course I couldn’t wait to start on a couple other pieces. 
I scored this cheap-o shelf at Goodwill for my kitchen.

And this lovely item from my in-laws trash pile.
Seriously from the trash.
I know, can you believe they were throwing it away?
I have a lot of ideas for it….. but I haven’t narrowed down what it should be yet!

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought tho, in my free time, when I’m watching paint dry!!
Can't wait to show you what this is turning into!! Any guesses?? ;)



  1. You're so busy and so creative! I love it! :) Is it going to be a buffet??

  2. I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award! Check it out here:


  3. Thanks so very much for coming by!!! Love your creative flair.


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