Monday, June 30, 2014

Repurposed Door - My 2014 School Auction Donation

If you have actually followed along with me (and stuck thru my "dry spells")
You might just remember our school has an annual auction.
I always rack my brain trying to come up with something to donate.

This year tho, I had a plan!
But of course it was a somewhat crazy, never tried before (by me) plan.

I took a door, from my handy door stash.

I picked a color/finish that everyone around town seemed to love.
(I used it on my door, I tried to sell it, you can find it here.
But then I realized how awesome it was and so of course I couldn't!!)

So I painted it.

AND then tried to figure out how to make it Not JUST a chalkboard door.  
But instead a entry table or "bar".

There was a lot of shelf imagining.

I really wanted 3 shelves.

You might have noticed this was being done in the basement laundry room.... 
Sorry, not the best scenery, eventually I'll paint the rest of the vinyl floor.  :)

But when I moved it up for the Hubby to help hold and assemble I had to veto the 3rd shelf....

I tested lots of inspirational chalk panels... before I decided on THE one.

Here she is before I chalked.

And here she is in her new home!

Inspiring and functional = a happy door!  Right??

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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Pair of Pink-a-Licious Pretties

Two more painting adventures I haven't shared yet, 
had a pink theme going on.  

Not sure what started the pink trend...

First was a Girly version of the "owl" nursery furniture I painted for my nephew, Preston.

This guy came about because I was very ambitious thinking I could donate 
TWO pieces of furniture to our school auction.

Girly Owl was the number two piece.  
I didn't finish it in time (probably because I didn't start it in time!).

sorry, I totally didn't take a BEFORE picture!!
When my husband and I drug it home the top was warped and no longer attached.
I bought wood for a top and my FIL was nice enough to route the edge for me. 
I neeeeed a router.

When I'm painting a pattern on furniture I like it to wrap the piece.
Around, over... to me the design has to hug the whole thing.

And of course the drawers need to be lined!

Girly owl is a cutie!

The second girly piece was one of my favorite styles, American Empire.

When my bff told me she had scored this guy in her tiny town 
down the road I was so excited for her!  
THEN she said she wanted it out of the garage and I was excited for ME!

Mrs. EC loved the funky veneer but it was in rough shape.  
Here she is primed out and getting new drawer fronts.
(yes, I made new drawer fronts!)

Then I decided she should be pink... 
and I realized the pink I picked sorta matched my daughter's tricycle!!!

After she was pink I stopped....
for quite awhile!!
I couldn't make up my mind what design to overlay.

Finally, I decided a vine-y, scroll-y pattern was perfect.

There are small highlights of blue, silver in the scroll.
The scroll shaped arms were no longer able to support the 
HEAVY square, beveled edge mirror.

So with the help of the hubby we moved the mirror hardware.
This allowed the mirror to rest on the dresser top.

I had been hoarding saving these turquoise knobs for quite awhile.
(Does anyone else do that when they're knob shopping?!?!)
I knew they would be perfect for something...
This is the something!

Not that I have anything against pink,
but I put away all the pink paint after these two!

Until today.  
When I started seeing pink on this guy!!
Decisions... decisions!!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy, an understatement!

It's a fact.  I'm a horrible blogger.  I was also a horrible journal/diary keeper.  
The second I think I am going to get back at it I add a few pages to my to do list.  
I am going to try to keep up with this a little better.  Maybe one new post a month??  

Here's a few things I've been up to!

 First up, a rocker.

My first time trying out Pantone's Radiant Orchid.
I wasn't too sure about the color at first, but after I added a little bling-y gold, my heart sung.

Meet, "Rock my Heart Rocker"

Then there was a mustard hutch - Annie Sloan "Arles" - to be exact.
I added a wash and a glaze and distressed it. 

It's a "Happy Hutch" for sure!

A free console turned into a fun metallic gray piece.  
I removed the center doors and added a shelf.
Turning it into a "Clever Console" that is totally versatile!
I think it's the perfect media console, sideboard, changing table... 
O and it would still work as a dresser!
It took 5 layers of color to get THE metallic in my head.

I love it.  

A trip to an auction by my awesome mother in law meant I scored this little guy.
It had previously been painted about 40 different colors. 
I decided to leave the layers and just scrape the loose stuff off.  
It has great texture and the glaze settled in it beautifully..

Its a "Sassy Sidetable" and I totally couldn't find a spot for it in my house.  :(

AND finally, the craziest painting adventure of 2014...

A VW bus dresser.
Last summer this poor thing was on a curb being thrown away.  
Silly neighbors, I can fix him!!

A new shop opening in my town needed a "transportation" themed dresser for the window.

I think this screams "transportation", how about you?

(VW featured at Better After :: Remodelaholic  :: Power of Paint)

So that's my quick recap.

Hopefully, I'll be updating more regularly.

Talk to you soon!!

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